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Flexible Circuits Capabilities

We are a professional Flex PCB Manufacturer and have built our facilities to seamlessly integrate a variety of our customer’s flexible PCB needs. From full engineering and product development support to efficient manufacturing, all flexible circuit manufacturing capabilities RoHS compliant flex circuits and assembly available. We can offer our customers significant cost savings over our competitors. The benefits include low cost, decreased set-ups, high-quality and precision.

Capabilities 2015 2016
 Maximum dimension 1800*240mm 2000*240mm
Maximum layers 6 8
Min.trace/space(1/4OZ) 0.045mm 0.04mm
Min.trace/space (1/3OZ) 0.05mm 0.045mm
Min.trace/space (1/2OZ) 0.06mm 0.055mm
Min.Vias 0.15mm 0.15mm
Min Vias Pad 0.30mm 0.25mm
Min.Laser drilling via 0.10mm 0.10mm
Min.laser drilling via pad 0.25mm 0.25mm
Polyimide film accurate tolerance 0.20mm 0.15mm

Our cross-functional experience allows us to assist all customers in meeting their Flex PCB Manufacturing & Flexible Circuit assembly objectives.
The final finishing is processed as per requirements and applications. For precision Immersion nickel/gold, hard nickel/gold, Wire bondable gold is used.
Normally flex PCB thickness should be the following:
A: 0.1mm substrate + ≤0.5 oz copper ,finished thickness of flexible pcb board<0.15mm
B: 0.2 mm substrate + 1.0 oz copper, finished thickness should be about 0.26~0.27mm
Flexible printed circuit board can be supplied as loose pieces or in panelization.

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