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Two assembly solutions for Flex PCB board

According to the placement accuracy requirements and components of the different types and quantities, the current commonly used flexible PCB assembly solutions are as follows: Option 1, simple mounting on a single side FPC Scope of application Component types: mainly resistors and capacitors, etc. Components quantity: Each piece of FPC need to mount a [...]

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Learn More about Lead-free Flexible Circuits and their Assembly

Flexible circuits PCB have become functionally pivotal and a fast growing electronic goods technology. These circuits function as connectors in most applications where space saving, construction constraints and flexibility limit service capability of hand wiring or rigid circuit boards. The substrate that is used in LCD fabrications is glass. If thin, a flexible metal or [...]

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Qualify flexible circuit boards manufacturer in Shenzhen

To provide our customers with "efficient, high-quality, environmental protection," the brand service commitment. Also we introduced the high-precision and matching production process equipment and detection equipment, Treefpc (as a flexible circuit board manufacturer)produces small/middle volume of flexible circuit boards, Rigid-flexible board-based, we are a high-tech enterprise combines research and development, design, service, production and sales. [...]

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Flexible PCB Prototypes – Increased Quality at a Lower Price

Flexible PCB Prototypes - Increased Quality at a Lower Price A flexible PCB prototype is a system of circuits and components which uses flexible materials. The flexible electronics are fabricated from the same fixings as the rigid PCB. Still, they come with a series of advantages and the most important one, as the name [...]

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