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3D FPC and thinner FPC

Why is the flexible FPC getting more thinner and 3D? This is related to the new 3C product configuration requirements. Although the FPC has extreme thinning characteristics, while compared with the thickness of the rigid PCB, the flexible circuit board is much thinner, and the standard thickness is only 12 ~ 18μm. The purpose of using [...]

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Current market and technical trend of virtual and reality gaming in 2017

We supply turnkey flexible PCB board services for many application: smartphone, tablet, automotive, medical, etc. Today we’ll share the news about VR industry, if you specialize in VR design or manufacturing, maybe the following may interest you. Don’t forget to ask for inquiry at if you are ready to move forward with your [...]

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Warm welcome to Treefpc Technology Team Back to Office!

Our professional and responsible team can help to save your time and reduce your cost, so you can focus on your core competitiveness.   Ready to move forward with your Flexible Circuit PCB project, but looking for cutting down the costs? Treefpc can help! Welcome to Treefpc if you are looking for the [...]

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