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Our professional and responsible team can help to save your time and reduce your cost, so you can focus on your core competitiveness.   Ready to move forward with your Flexible Circuit PCB project, but looking for cutting down the costs? Treefpc can help! Welcome to Treefpc if you are looking for the [...]

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The issues commonly happened in FPC Circuit Design

The overlap pad 1, pad (except for the surface mounting pad) overlap, which means the vias overlap, the drill bit will be broken because of multiple drilling in the same area during the drilling process, then resulting in via damage. 2, 2 vias overlap in multilayer flexible PCB board, such as one via is isolation [...]

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Surface Treatment in flexible printed circuits (FPC) Production

Because of the light and thin characteristics, it requires special of the equipment and processing method for the surface finishing of the flex board, regarding to the production of flex board, surface cleaning is a key step, because it requires not only the surface Dimensional stability of the flex PCB board but also the dimensional stability [...]

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Flex pcb assembly, flexible pcb assembly solutions

Over the last decade, flexible circuits, or flex PCBs, have emerged as one of the fastest-establishing market segments for interconnection products. Part of the reason that PCB manufacturing is up so much in terms of growth is because they are commonly used within a large range of quotidian electronic products in addition to many [...]

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Flexible PCB and Assembly supplier in Shenzhen, China

As a Flexible PCB & Assembly supplier in the flexible PCB industry, Treefpc is a quick turn manufacturer of polyimide and polyester flexible circuit boards (Flex PCB) which are widely used for medical, automotive, aerospace, industrial, and other consumer electronics. Full Product Lines of Flexible Circuits We provide with components procurement, flex PCB manufacturing, [...]

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Flexible PCB Board design steps

The principles for designing a high quality, manufactural flexible printed board are as follows (Minco Application Aid 24): 1) First, it is desirable to have some valuable literature aimed at applied research. The most useful document is the IPC standard or the MIL standard. For example, IPC-6013 and IPC-2223 or MIL-P-50884 can be used if [...]

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PCB Product Structure Analysis in 2016

Printed circuit board specifications are more complexed, many types of products, generally classify by PCB layers, flexibilities and materials. According to the number of layers can be divided into: single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer; according to flexibility can be divided into rigid printed circuit boards and flexible printed circuit boards; by material can be divided [...]

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Treefpc flexible PCB: bump board trial production success

Nowadays, if outsource the FPC in circuit flexible manufacturer, normally for simple FPC (1 layer, 2 layer, 4 layer board) generally 3-5 working days lead time, for complex circuit board (6 layers, 8 layers and above) 6~15 Working days. The engineers are mainly responsible for the design work, outsource processing is generally issued by [...]

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Advantage and disadvantage of Flexible pcb

First, the advantages Flexible A significant advantage of using flexible PCBs is that they can be more easily routed and assembled in three-dimensional space, and can be crimped or folded. As long as the radius of curvature within the allowable range, can withstand thousands or ten thousand times of usage without damage. Reduce the [...]

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Two assembly solutions for Flex PCB board

According to the placement accuracy requirements and components of the different types and quantities, the current commonly used flexible PCB assembly solutions are as follows: Option 1, simple mounting on a single side FPC Scope of application Component types: mainly resistors and capacitors, etc. Components quantity: Each piece of FPC need to mount a [...]

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