FPC raw material selection and reinforcement

As a flex circuit manufacturer, we'd like to share more information about flex printed circuit boards raw material selection and reinforcement. A flex printed circuit boards (FPC) is a circuit that is fabricated in a flexible cut-to-surface, with or without cover lay (usually used for protection FPC circuits). As the FPC can be bent in [...]

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Flex circuit material evolution follows 3C / IT product manufacturing needs

In fact, the development of flexible printed circuit is in line with the developing trend of the smart phones, flat-panel computers, and even the new wearing intelligent devices, the raw materials technology for different flexible printed circuits will be improved and developed along with the end product demanding. According to the flex circuit board structure [...]

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Multilayer FPC Design and Manufacturing Requirements

The electronic products are getting smaller, slimmer and more digital, the personal communication terminals and the 4G communications information and the information terminals (computer, television, telephone, fax) have being developed rapidly. In this condition, the life period and resistance of the FPC flex printed circuit should be more refined to meet the communications and folding [...]

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Printed flexible circuits layout design requirements

Because of the special nature of FPC, we have to pay attention to the following printed flexible circuits layout design requirements: Rules: ensure the signal smoothly aligned priority, design it short, straight, less via for the principle, try to avoid long, fine and round circle circuit layout, keep it horizontal, vertical and 45-degree degree layout, [...]

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FPC circuit board material and 3C/IT product

FPC circuit board material technology evolution follows the 3C / IT product manufacturing needs. In fact, the smart-type circuit board is developing along with the smart phones, flat-panel computers, and even the new trend of wearing intelligent devices, why there are different FPC circuit board material technology development and improvement, just in line with the [...]

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Laser cutting technology makes flexible circuit board electronic age at your fingertips

FPC laser cutting machine work priciple is to use 355nm UV short wavelength laser beam scanning on the FPC surface, so that high-energy UV photon directly damage the surface of the flexible material molecular bond to achieve the purpose of removing the material. UV laser processing is a "cold working", this "cold" photo resized parts [...]

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The new base material for Flexible circuit board brings the revolution to the light products, “spring comes”

There are the significant changes of the global market in recent years. The desktop computers, notebook computer (which requires larger quantity PCB boards)sales slowed down; The PCB requirements for the wearing smart products has increased higher in 2014, or even requires a lot of Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC board) with product integration needs. The electronic [...]

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3D FPC and thinner FPC

Why is the flexible FPC getting more thinner and 3D? This is related to the new 3C product configuration requirements. Although the FPC has extreme thinning characteristics, while compared with the thickness of the rigid PCB, the flexible circuit board is much thinner, and the standard thickness is only 12 ~ 18μm. The purpose of using [...]

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Current market and technical trend of virtual and reality gaming in 2017

We supply turnkey flexible PCB board services for many application: smartphone, tablet, automotive, medical, etc. Today we’ll share the news about VR industry, if you specialize in VR design or manufacturing, maybe the following may interest you. Don’t forget to ask for inquiry at sales@treefpc.com if you are ready to move forward with your [...]

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