Double sided flexible printed circuit

Double sided flexible printed circuit consists of two copper layers on a flexible dielectric film, normally connected with the plated through hole (see picture below). Double-sided flexible PCB can be produced with or without cover layers.

Double-sided Flxible PCB Technology:

Material: FR4, PI, PET,PEN
Maximum flex PCB dimension: 250 x 500mm
Finished board thickness tolerance: ± 1.0mil
Min. trace / space: 3mil/3mil
Mobile phone bending test: >100,000 times
Hole dimension: 0.2nn
Hole wall thickness:200μ’~1000μ’
Surface treatment: Tin plating, Immersion gold, gold plating
Pad dimension: 0.2mm
Pads space: 0.4mm
Outline tolerance: ±0.05mm

Double-sided flex PCB fabrication Lead time:

FPC type Prototyping order New ordermass production Repeat order
Mass production
Backlight FPC 4~5 days 5~6 days 4~5 days
Common module 4~5 days 7~8 days 6~7 days
Capacity Touch Panel 5~6 days 9~10 days 8~9 days
cell phone keypad 5~6 days 9~10 days 8~9 days
Flexible cable 5~6 days 8~9 days 7~9 days
Note: please add 2~3 days if you require flex PCB assembly (SMT) as well.

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Double –sided Flex PCB application

Audio Jack | Feature Phone | Smart Phone | Sensor | LCMl Hinge | Touch Panel | Antenna | Wifi | Sidekey | Slider | Keypad | Tablet PC | E-Book | Digital scan camera

Double sided flexible printed circuit
Double sided flexible printed circuit

Such double sided flexible printed circuit applications and advantages is almost the same as single-sided flexible PCB, its main advantage is to increase the wiring density per unit area. It can be classified as the following:

  • without plated through hole and without cover layer
  • without plated through hole but with cover layer
  • with plated through hole but without cover layer
  • with plated through hole and with cover layer

P.S.: It is occasionally happen without cover layer of double-sided flexible circuits.

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