Flex circuit manufacturing

Flex circuit manufacturing lead time refers to the time we required for Flex PCB manufacturing/flexible PCB assembly, it does not include holidays or weekends. It is started from the second working day since the order payment finished, engineering query finished and working Gerber confirmed.

Generally speaking, our production lead time depends on your flex circuit board’s complexity and your flex PCB specifications. Currently, our lead time for flexible prototype PCB services is 4 working days, for mass production is 6~7 working days. (Please see bellow tale)Please contact our sales rep to discuss more about the specific lead time.

Job type Lead time
prototype Flex PCB 4 days
Mass production Flex PCB 7 days
Prototype Flex PCB Assembly 2~3 days
Mass production Flex PCB Assembly 3~5 days

If you have an urgent inquiry or there’s any question or concern about our lead time, please feel free to reach our sales team at sales@treefpc.com.