In fact, the development of flexible printed circuit is in line with the developing trend of the smart phones, flat-panel computers, and even the new wearing intelligent devices, the raw materials technology for different flexible printed circuits will be improved and developed along with the end product demanding.

According to the flex circuit board structure complexity, we can classify into single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer bendable circuit boards, and can be used in personal computer products (tablet computer, notebook computer, printer, hard disk machine, CD player) (Digital camera, camera, audio, MP3), automotive electronics components (dashboard, audio, antenna, functional control), electronic equipment (medical equipment, industrial electronic instruments (LCD, PDP, OLED), consumer electronics ), Communications products (smart phones, fax machines), really widely range.

flex circuit board

The flex boards are used for automotive electronics further in-depth, or used for other application which connects the circuit in high-temperature environment, the heat performance of FPC appears to be most important, because of the new special material for FPC, and they are used more and more often in different product application. For example the Polyimide material which is high heat resistance and good material strength, can be used in high body temperature products.

Flex board for special configuration purposes
In order to meet the special configuration or flexible structural design requirements, the original rigid PCB structure cannot meet the product design requirements for sure, even if the flex circuit board cannot meet all the product application, at least the product design will be as thin as possible but not affect the function, it is 3D stereo wiring with other functional modules, and connect with the key batteries, sensors and other components, although the flex circuit board can’t replace the rigid circuit board completely, while the new special and thin base material (Copper foil, substrate, substrate), touch (conductive ink), high heat resistance (substrate, substrate, rubber), low lure (Substrate, substrate) shape, transparent (substrate, substrate) and other materials technology are integrated in FPC, the flex circuit board is getting more practical and winning more markets.