Flex PCB circuit board Quality Assurance

At Tree Technology, our printed circuit boards are essentially designed, manufactured and assembled to surpass national and international regulatory standards. We pride so much in our “Quality Management System” which helps in tune with the ever growing demands of our flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPCB) customers.
Our dynamic expert team will manufacture FPC’s of great quality in every way possible to meet your critical specifications.

As against the norm and industry practices, our flex PCB’s set us apart and is a fully functional set up with all the intricate details intact. The framework we use is clearly defined and all materials we use are tightly knitted to fit various processes and can work effectively in the verification of the controls of the flexible circuit board.
We ensure that all manufacturing processes are carried out in the best of conditions in very safe and controlled environmentally.

We don’t just say it; we adhere to global best practices attainable, as quality of service we deliver is essential to us at Tree Technology.
From the selection of raw materials up to the every process of the flexible circuit fabrication and lead-free flexible circuits assembly, we ensure that our touch of quality is maintained.

Our staff and executive managers comprises a dynamic blend of experts who have seen it all and have amazing testaments to the exceptional work they bring to the table. Be rest assured, we are dedicated and committed to providing high quality flexible integrated circuit boards and flexible pcb assembled boards for our teeming customers come rain come shine.

We also ensure the delivery of produced PCB’s in great conditions and in very fast turnaround. Our customer service professionals are trained and courteous individuals who patiently listens to your complaints and enquiries and are ever ready to render help to the best of their ability.

Tree Technology keeps track of industry practices and from time to time, we update our procedures, equipment and in the long run produce matchless products. Most importantly, there is a continuous investment in employee training at all levels.

We are blessed with a growing list of customers who trust in the efficient service that we render and the quality of our products. Below is one of the testimonies.

“I’ve just received my first batch of boards from Treepcb and want to say how pleased I am. The customer service, technical support and finish product delivered by Treepcb are all absolutely first rate.” – N.L.

Our Multifaceted Quality Assurance Program:

Each of our products pass through a well thought out process and we ensure that our products meet the known acceptance and rejection criteria over the 90 plus processes we run the products through before arriving at your desired flex circuits.

In addition we make sure that these requirements are maintained throughout the course of the manufacturing process and this is why our products are usually outstanding.

Customer specifications are exactly considered as requested and we ensure that we work all the details into the final products either for – Small quantity or large quantity production of flex PCB boards.

If there is no specific requirement, we produce printed flexible circuits as per IPC Class 2 as the default model. (IPC III is available on your request)

After production, we do not just ship out the boards until we have run them through a very rigorous final inspection.
Each of our orders goes through a C=0 random sampling for determining that the holes and dimensions for each part number are within tolerance limits.
Afterward, we carry out electrical testing of the material based on requests.

The last step for each order is a 100% visual inspection. Each part is checked for workmanship, quality, cleanliness and a number of other attributes before the boards are packaged for shipping.
There are a number of other inspection points that we require throughout the process that we use to verify the acceptability of the panels.

All inner layer cores pass through Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) prior to being laminated into multi-layer flex circuits. We use cross-section analysis to verify plating thickness on the surfaces as well as in the holes and walls.
Weight-gain coupons, backlight inspections, visual and magnified inspections of trace width and spacing, drill, image and mask registration, as well as a number of tooling checks are done on an order by order basis.
TREEPCB quality system stands out because we duly carry out inspections to ensure that top quality products are delivered all the time.

We work hard to “Make it Right the First Time”!