Flexible printed circuit Assembly


TREEFPC has comprehensive assembly capabilities to meet your critical assembly needs: highly accurate SMT, assembly with stiffener, fine pitch to min. 0.5mm, RoHS compliant assembly…
You have our experienced, dedicated team and we have the technology to fix your most complex assembly challenges.

Ordering requirements:

1. No start up fees, no engineering fees
2. Assembly cost at starting price of $200
3. Stencil cost at starting price $100 / pcs, according to the specific size and pads numbers. There will be extra cost for tooling fixture if any necessary for the project.
4. Normally three days delivery, providing expedited service: 24H additional 50%, 48H another additional 30%.
5.Starting from the second day of receiving the components.

The following should be provided by Customers
1. To provide detailed and accurate BOM list
2. Gerber file (panel drawing if it is panelized stencil) or stencil file
3. Flexible printed circuit Assembly drawing
4. Pick & place file
5. PCB file (if Gerber, assembly drawing, pick & place file is not exported, providing flexible printed circuits files directly)
6. PCB sample (option)

Components supply
1. If Customer supplied: All component items should be complete and enough quantity. For consumable components (resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc.) required to provide small amount of spare parts, each providing at least 15pcs; for expensive components then just the enough quantity is ok.
2. If buy on Treefpc’s behalf: please provide all detailed requirements, including brand (original or substitute), model, packaging, precision.
3. Please make note if some a component is short of quantity and no need flexible pcb assembly temporarily.
4. Please make note if there is any special assembly requests.

Components packing
1. Reject any form of bulk material, identified only regular factory original packaging.
Such as: using transparent tape material pack and put back again into the taping, broken into multiple segments but pick up with tape, it is considered as a bulk (mean: Do not pick up the cut tape by tape, without professional splice pick up is useless.)
2. We accept <200pcs cut tape (if it is not one complete reel)
3. Each cut tape components will have 15pcs loss (12pcs locating, front loss 3~6pcs, end loss 5~9pcs), please be noted and make sure there is enough backup components for such cut tape.
4. Tube packing: no bend, all components inside should be the same direction, same footprint and model
5. There will be 0.3% components loss if mass assembly processing. Please be noted and make sure there is enough backup, will return all the unused backup with goods shipping.
6. No secondary processing service for components.

Steel stencil
1. To reduce abnormal, do not accept supplied stencil,
2. Stencil cost at starting price $100/pcs; please provide panel drawing if choose panel stencil, accurate cost will be based on pads quantity.
3. Stencil default size: 37cm x 42cm, please contact our sales for any other dimension quoting.
4. Please make notes when ordering if need to ship back the stencil, or will take it as non-refundable stencil.
5. The shelf life of the stencil is three months, after the expiration it will be discard.

After-sale Service
1. Only warranty for assembly problems
2. The warranty period is 12 months

1. We don’t make replacement if there is components shortage but still insisting on flexible PCB assembly.
2. If there is any component shortage found during on-line production processes, will treat it as supplies inadequate, skip placement, and finish it at customers ‘end.
3. We have the strict quality assurance and we are responsible for our Flexible printed circuit Assembly quality but except the following supplies defective: PCB bare board broken, substitute/poor component quality, wrong package, shipping damage.
4. If we failed to contact/confirm with the relevant customer for any issues happened during flexible printed circuit Assembly process, our company reserves the right to deal with it ourselves.
5. We are free of the responsibility if there is any technical problem caused by data error from customers.