Flexible Circuit Assembly

We have the latest equipment and the experience that other contract manufacturers just don’t have, which meet your critical assembly needs: highly accurate SMT, assembly with stiffener, fine pitch to min. 0.5mm, RoHS compliant Flexible Circuit Assembly…

You have our experienced, dedicated team and we have the technology to fix your most complex assembly challenges. Our 4 automatic SMT lines to meet your large volume production requirements and critical lead time.

Sending us your Gerber files and/or PCB Specs today, placing your Flex PCB & Flexible Circuit Assembly orders together to take advantage of our Lead-free Assembly at our leaded price and get free tooling and testing. (YES!)

Please send us your Gerber file, BOM list, Pick & Place files, assembly drawing to sales@treefpc.com


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  • No minimum order quantity
  • Engineering prototype
  • Small/medium volume



  • Laser cut stainless steel



  • Pitch/Ball Pitch: 0.3mm


Components procurement

  • Turnkey (we supply all parts)
  • Kitted/Consigned (you supply all parts)
  • Partial Turnkey (you supply certain parts, we take care of the rest)



  • Automatic Optic Inspection
  • X-ray Inspection


Flexible PCB assembly equipment lists

  • 6 Automatic stencil printers
  • 12 SMD machines
  • 4 reflow oven
  • 1 3D solder paste inspection equipment
  • 3 Automatic Optical Inspection machines
  • 1 x-ray machine
  • 6 semi-automatic dispensers


SMT Process:

Printing – Print the solder paste onto the Flex PCB by automatic lead coating equipment

Mounting – First article inspection, automatic pick & place the Chip and IC components on the Flex PCB

Soldering – Soldering flexible circuits process by reflow equipment

Inspection – Cross check the solder ability by visual inspection, AOI, X-ray

Flexible Circuit Assembly

Component procurement services.


We have expertise team with over 5 years in hardware engineering to manage your components sourcing, tracking and purchasing. Your components procurement is done absolutely in accordance with your requirements at the best deals and lead times. 100% original components are sourced from the 1st agent of original factory or Digi key & Mouser.  Therefore, we can proudly say that we have the best and professional electronic components procurement services you can find in China. That’s why the engineers, PCB design offices/shops choose us as their main Flex PCB Assembly partner. Just give us your BOM list and other manufacturing files as per your specifications, we will send you an estimated quote shortly.