File format for ordering flexible PCB board

We accept Gerber files in RS-274X format as default when you ordering flexible PCB board from us. We also accept the following layout files:
Protel99SE、Altium DXP、PADS、Powerpcb
If you convert a file to RS-274X format, please ensure the output includes the following files:
*Positive Gerber layers: Top and bottom (each inner layers for multilayer Flex PCB)
*Aperture/D-code file (if not RS274X)
*NC Excellon Drill file
*Drill Tool list (if not listed in NC Drill file)
*Solder mask
For drill information, please provide an NC “Excellon Drill File” and a “Drill Tool List.” Please make sure the Drill Tool List is not omitted.
Please provide us all the board specifications, such as board thickness, copper thickness, solder mask and silkscreen color, UL and date mark. Any additional specification files you provide, such as specification documents or readme files, will be appreciated as well.

flexible pcb board