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Single-sided flex,

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We produce flexible printed circuit board for the Applications including:

  • Communications
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Medical device
  • Industrial
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Transportation
flexible PCB manufacturer



Flex Circuit Fabrication Capabilities:

NO.              Items  Standard Specification   Custom Specification
1    Layer number 1~4 layers   6 layers
2    Panel dimension maximum 250*450mm   250*500mm
3    Min. trace/space tolerance 0.05mm/0.05mm    N/A
4    Min. Finished board dimension 10*15mm   N/A
5    Max. finished board thickness 0.6mm   N/A
6    Min. finished board thickness 0.071mm   0.057mm
7    Surface treatment Ni/Au(Ni:2-5 mm , Au:0/05~0.2 mm) Sn . Sn/Cu/Ag: 1~15 mm

OSP | Immersion Tin | Gold plating | Immersion gold

8    Thickness tolerance(0.085mm<thickness<0.4mm ±0.03mm   ±0.02mm
9    Max. via dimension 6.4mm   N/A
10    Min. via dimension 0.10mm   0.08mm
11    Max base copper 35um /1 Oz   N/A
12   Min. base copper 12um / (1/3oz)   N/A
13   Max. Insulation layer thickness 50um   N/A
14   Min. Insulation layer thickness 27.5um   N/A
15   Stiffener material PI/FR4/Steel   N/A
16   Via diameter tolerance (PTH) ±0.05mm   N/A


Flexible PCB manufacturing Process

Drilling – Drilling can make the inner layer and outer layer be electrical connected.

Copper Plating – Copper plating over the drilled vias to permit the connection between layers.

Pattern – Double face coating-Exposure-Developing-Etching-Stripping-Printing circuits on the substrate

Solder Mask – Protecting the PCB circuits by using Coverlay, PSR ink.

Surface finishing – Anti-oxidation process (OSP, Immersion gold) and good for soldering

Attach reinforcement and inspection – Attach PI, FR4, Steel reinforcement to promote durable and quality inspection

Package – loose in bag or in panel packing (lie papers between each piece and protect by using gusset plate on top and bottom)

Shipping – DHL, TNT, FedEx, By air or by Sea.