Flexible PCB Prototypes – Increased Quality at a Lower Price

A flexible PCB prototype is a system of circuits and components which uses flexible materials. The flexible electronics are fabricated from the same fixings as the rigid PCB. Still, they come with a series of advantages and the most important one, as the name suggests, is that they can provide more flexibility and allow the board to conform to a certain shape.

There is a high demand for flexible PCB products and they are mostly used in areas like:

– Industrial
– Medical
– Aerospace
– Automotive
– Communications
– Military
– Transportation


Depending on your needs, a good flexible PCB manufacturer can provide you custom products, with the exact specifications that you ask for. A flexible PCB prototype can contain a big range of technologies like: one sided flexible boards or complex multi-layer flexible PCB and it can be used for commercial applications or for military purposes.
Usually, flexible PCB are used on various products where flexibility or space saving is a must-be, and a rigid PCB would constraint and limit the accessory of those products. For example, a common use of flexible PCB prototypes is in game controllers (PS4,X-box) and in computer components (keyboards, mouses),
They are also used in the automotive sector, mostly in the ABS systems, under-hood controls or instrument panels. Because of their improved resistance to vibration and movement, flexible PCB prototypes are ideal as auto components and can provide a high reliability.

But why are they so popular and why this industry is growing visibly every year? Well, this happens because the flexible PCB prototypes have a series of advantages and special features, things that cannot be accomplished with some regular, rigid products.

1) A lot of design options – A great advantage of the flex PCB is the fact that you have an unlimited design freedom and they are not limited to just two dimensions as the rigid PCB’s. Also, they can be created to be used in the hardest conditions and it will be easy for a flexible PCB manufacturer like Treepcb to provide you even the most complicated design configurations.

2) Quick assembly and lower costs – The flex PCB’s can be easy integrated with function and form in any type of system. Because of their flexibility, they necessitate less manual work during assembly and reduce in the same time any errors. They will keep you safe from writing errors and even the manufacturing costs will be significantly lower.

3) Durability – According to the manufacturer instructions, a flexible PCB prototype can be flexed up to 500 million times without any problem in any product that contains moving parts. Also, the material has an incredible thermal stability and it can resist on extreme heat conditions or even frost.

Flexible PCB Prototypes

4) Weight reduction – Most of the systems on rigid boards are hard to use because they have an increased weight and they need more space to be operated. The flexible PCB’s, eliminate the need for a massive, rigid boards and their elasticity will grant a significantly package reduction. The PCB’s are also lighter, and the weight reduction is another important benefit.

In conclusion, the flexible PCB prototypes are very useful and as a good manufacturer Treepcb will always have experts that are ready to advise you and to turn any concept that you have into reality.