Flexible printed circuit board manufacturer

The main parameters of Flexible circuits

Substrate: polyimide / polyester substrate

Thickness: 0.025mm — 0.125mm

Minimum aperture: ¢ 0.30mm ± 0.02mm

Copper foil thickness: 0.009 mm 0.018 mm 0.035 mm 0.070 mm 0.010 mm

Solder resistance: 85 — 105 ℃ / 280 ℃ — 360 ℃

Minimum line spacing: 0.075 — 0.09mm

Flexibility of resistance / chemical resistance: in line with international printed circuit IPC standards

 Process: solder coating, plug plating, coating, and film type, solder mask type flexible printed circuit (FPC flexible circuit board production FPC cable features:

FPC flexible circuit board production, coating, adhesive and enhanced plate and other halogen-free FPC raw material, designed to manufacture halogen-free FPC.

Special function

Suitable for general electronic, electrical wiring, such as audio and video equipment, etc. Conductor: 32-16AWG (0.03-1.31mm2) tinned or bare copper ribbon parallel arrangement of 2.0mm and 2.5mm parallel line for easy printing of each circuit board socket.

Material composition

Bonding Polyimide

Single / double-side cover film: (Bonply) adhesive, deimide adhesive

Single / double structure: copper foil, adhesive, polyimide, adhesive, copper foil

Common structure: single / single side pressure, 18um copper foil, 12.5um adhesive, 12.5um polyimide, 30um copper foil, 25um adhesive, 20um polyimide

Single / double sided lamination: 18um copper foil, 12.5um adhesive, 12.5um polyimide, 12.5um adhesive 18um copper foil

35um copper foil, 20um adhesive, 25um polyimide, 20um adhesive, 35um copper foil

Bonding sheet: 15 um binder, 12.5 polyimide, 25 um adhesive 25 um polyimide

Single / double-sided cover film (coverlay: Bonply): 15um adhesive, 12.5um polyimide, 15um adhesive, 25 um binder, 25 polyimide, 25 um binder

Layer structure: single, double, multi-structure (such as: line suspension, etc.) cover film, enhanced version

Material: copper foil laminate, overlay, adhesives, enhanced version of the plug and pad surface plating, plating, OSP / HAL and other shapes, dimensional accuracy.

Circuit density: line width / line gap, dimensional accuracy

Note: ① The so-called first hole is in the protective film positioning laminated before the first hole in the protective film processing.

(2) The so-called back opening means that the protective film is laminated on the FPC, and then the hole is machined.

FPC substrate hole processing methods: NC, mechanical punching, laser drilling, plasma etching, chemical etching and so on. NC drilling machine can drill holes below 0.15mm, but from the production point of view, if the hole is less than 0.15 then its production costs will be high, also difficult to process and not suitable for mass production.

Mechanical punching is not a new technology, but there are two problems

  • bulk punching is limited to 0.6mm ~ 0.8mm,
  • Open hole after processing material, materials are large, the mold is too large, and the cost is too high, the cost is still too high. Mold Punching is still used in the processing of protective film opening and plastic opening.