FPC circuit board material technology evolution follows the 3C / IT product manufacturing needs.

In fact, the smart-type circuit board is developing along with the smart phones, flat-panel computers, and even the new trend of wearing intelligent devices, why there are different FPC circuit board material technology development and improvement, just in line with the request and application of the end product.
The FPC circuit board has the advantages of structural complexity, mainly single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer FPC circuit board, and can be used in personal computer products (tablet computer, notebook computer, printer, hard disk machine, CD player) (Digital camera, camera, audio, MP3), automotive electronics components (dashboard, audio, antenna, functional control), electronic equipment (medical equipment, industrial electronic instruments (LCD, PDP, OLED), consumer electronics ), Communications products (smart phones, fax machines), really wild usage.

FPC has used more and more deep in automotive electronics, or other circuit connection which should be in high-temperature operation, FPC heat performance appears to be beneficial shape, because of the FPC material, there is the limit of the heat resistance of the early FPC raw material, but now the new materials science and technology have been applied in the FPC, also makes the application of FPC relative amplification, such as Polyimide material in the heat resistance, good material strength performance, also began to be used in high body temperature products.

FPC board for special configuration purposes
In order to meet the special configuration or flexible structural design requirements, the original rigid PCB structure certainly cannot meet the product design requirements, even if the FPC circuit board cannot meet the full application, at least the product will be designed to the small size thin core PCB which doesn’t affect the function, A FPC circuit board using 3D stereo wiring in series with other functional modules, or connect the key batteries, sensors and other components, although FPC circuit board can’t fully replace all function of the rigid PCB, while along with FPC using the thin raw material (Copper foil, substrate, substrate), touch (conductive ink), high heat resistance (substrate, substrate, rubber), low lure (Substrate, substrate) shape, transparent (substrate, substrate) and other materials technology integration, will make FPC circuit board market applications get more and more pluralism and with more practical value.

FPC circuit board