Flex pcb company

As a Flex PCB company we provide the following pre-order checklist to support you better before ordering flexible PCB or flexible PCB assembly from us. Or you can contact sales@treefpc.com for more supports.

To avoid any unnecessary delays, please cross check that you have provided the following Flex PCB information before you submit your order:
• Number of layers
• Finished Board thickness
• Board dimensions
• Finished Copper thickness
• Minimum trace/space
• Min. hole size
• Min. annular ring
• Surface finishing
• Solder mask color
• Silkscreen color
• Drill drawing (include NC Excellon drill file and drill tool list)

Please provide a Gerber file in RS-274X format. and we only accept the following files:
• Positive Gerber layers: Top and Bottom (each inner layers for multilayer Flex PCB)
• Aperture/D-code file (if not RS274X)
• NC Excellon drill file
• Drill tool list (if not listed in the NC drill file)
• Soldermask
• Silkscreen
Please provide us all the board specifications, such as board thickness, copper thickness, solder mask and silkscreen color, UL and date mark. Any additional specification files you provide, such as specification documents or readme files, will be appreciated as well.
Panel: A panel is an array of several small single PCB that are connected to form a bigger panel board. The different units are joined by connection points. Please provide us your panel drawing or Treefpc will help to finish the panelization according to the maximum material usage, and then ask for customers’ approval. Please contact our sales rep to discuss more if you have special requests.

flex pcb company


The following is a must for flex PCB assembly:
PCB Assembly drawing
Pick & Place file
BOM list
• Part number
• Manufacturer name
• Reference designator
• Quantity (Qty)
• Description
• Package
• SMT method
• Top/Bottom
• Points/Footprint
• Comment/Note