To provide our customers with “efficient, high-quality, environmental protection,” the brand service commitment. Also we introduced the high-precision and matching production process equipment and detection equipment, Treefpc (as a flexible circuit board manufacturer)produces small/middle volume of flexible circuit boards, Rigid-flexible board-based, we are a high-tech enterprise combines research and development, design, service, production and sales.

Treefpc’s products are widely used in notebook computers, LCD monitors, CD-ROM, hard drives, printers, cell phone batteries, walkie-talkies, scanners, sensors, cell phone antenna, cell phone cable, various high-end cameras, digital cameras, DV, DVR , LED laser head, VCD \ CD \ DVD, aerospace, medical equipment, instrumentation, automotive instrument, optical lens, laser range finder, sight, DVD-ROM light strip, LED flashing lights, toys, collars, , Power supply aluminum plate, high-power LED, copper substrate.

flexible circuit board manufacturer


We also provide flexible PCB assembly solutions, if you are get ready to start a flexible PCB project but looking for cutting down the cost, please place your flexible PCB and assembly order together to Treefpc to take advantage of lead-free assembly but at a lead price, meanwhile we offer free tooling and testing. Contact us at

The main parameters of FPC:

Substrate: polyimide / polyester substrate thickness: 0.025mm — 0.125mm minimum

Aperture: ¢ 0.30mm ± 0.02mm

Copper foil thickness: 0.009 mm 0.018 mm 0.035 mm 0.070 mm 0.010 mm

Solder resistance: 85 — 105 ℃ / 280 ℃ — 360 ℃

Minimum line spacing: 0.075 — 0.09mm

Flexibility of resistance/chemical resistance: in line with international printed circuit IPC standards

Process: solder coating, plug plating, coating, film type, solder mask type flexible printed circuit FPC flexible circuit board production, coating, adhesive and enhanced plate and other halogen-free FPC material, designed to manufacture halogen-free FPC.