Nowadays, if outsource the FPC in circuit flexible manufacturer, normally for simple FPC (1 layer, 2 layer, 4 layer board) generally 3-5 working days lead time, for complex circuit board (6 layers, 8 layers and above) 6~15 Working days. The engineers are mainly responsible for the design work, outsource processing is generally issued by the procurement, so also cost time to finish the apply process. For a factory with 300 workers, this process is generally 1-3 days; for a flexible circuit manufacture with more than 500 worker, this process costs about 3-5 days. Then it will cost at least one week for the hardware engineers receiving the boards, if there is no need to revise the PCB design, the PCB boards can pass testing only one time, totally it will take more than two weeks to complete the design work; while if there is any necessary to revise the PCB design and repeated testing, this process will be extended To 3 weeks or more, which will affect the impact of R & D personnel to introduce new products speed a great extent.

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Productivity efficiency is the cost of production, shortening the development cycle, will reduce the cost of R & D to a large extent, so that the product profit margins will be higher, and it’s better to access to market prospects.

In this sub-industry, there are three different ways to produce circuit boards, mechanical, laser, corrosion, and there is the advantage and disadvantage of each method. The laser method has the highest precision and high efficiency (can realize continuous small batch production), the operation is relatively simple, but the overall cost is high; the mechanical method has high precision, the operation is very simple and the cost is low. The method has the advantages of high precision, , But the efficiency is relatively low; corrosion produce high precision, relatively high efficiency (continuous mass production can be achieved), the cost in general, but the operation of the process to introduce more syrup, the operation process is very complexed.